On a daily basis I come across so many houses, of all different kinds, with their own story. In working with buyers – there are specific criteria for what they want in a home – sometimes this puts new challenges, or more appropriately called, opportunities in my line of sight. Current example is a house that sits on a nice 1/3 acre parcel with a most special feature of sitting right on the banks of a local river. First thing you think of is – oh how fun that would be in summers and all that good stuff. Second is…will this house flood? Third is…has this house flooded in the past, and if so how many times?

All these are very good questions, which require research – and a fair amount it turns out for this property. To this end I have discovered this nifty public FEMA Website that offers customizable Insurance Rate Flood Maps. It is a bit of work to drill down to the right map to work with as it starts out very large, but once you are zoomed in on the area you can make PDF of just that and save it for future reference. With this tool in my arsenal I am better prepared in the future for a similar property, or any property for that matter that may have a concern about being in a flood zone.

Here is an example of a Custom Map:


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